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Startingpoint has been developed for the 21st century, a careers platform to increase the positive outcomes for both Students and Employers. Whilst making life far easier for the head of careers at Schools, Academies, Colleges, and Universities.


Students & Employer DMs
GATSBY Framework Design
In-Platform Work Experience Process
Multi-Media Student Profiles
Mentor Moderated

Web portal and mobile app

Our web-based portal and mobile app are both secure and easy to use. Built to the highest standard to ensure your students have fast reliable access to building their profile and accessing careers advice and guidance while ensuring all data is kept totally safe and secure. Sign up and assign your admin users and mentors, and then we will support the process of onboarding your students.

Safeguarding: Putting the Student first

Our unique messaging function means that the contact between candidate and employer is totally safeguarded. A candidate interested in communicating with an employer must have the connection approved by the school mentor. All following communication does not need to be approved, but is duplicated to the mentor. Candidates cannot message other candidates or view their profiles. This is to offer discretion to the candidate and protect them from potential online abuse.

Employers can only the anonymised profile of a candidate. All personal information is seen only by the candidate and the mentor.

Startingpoint is fully encrypted with security measures in place to comply with GDPR and keep your data safe.

What the experts Say

“Startingpoint is a fantastic digital tool to enhance the levels of engagement students can have with employers. The platform allows employers to connect with prospective employees at a different level. It showcases all skills, attitudes and behaviours which can often make a student stand out from others.”

Liz Win – Secondary School and Further Education Senior Leader

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