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Startingpoint is your ultimate platform for discovering diverse and fulfilling volunteer opportunities that make you stand out from the crowd

Volunteering Opportunities That Make You Stand Out

Volunteering opportunities give you the opportunity to enrich your CV and experience while positively impacting your community. But where to start? Startingpoint is your ultimate platform for discovering diverse and fulfilling volunteer opportunities that make you stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose Volunteering?

Enhance Your Profile

Show potential employers your initiative and commitment through diverse volunteering roles that highlight your skills and dedication.

Personal and Professional Growth

Gain invaluable hands-on experience in various fields, enhancing both personal and professional skills.

Build Connections

Expand your network by interacting with like-minded individuals and professionals in various industries.

Explore Varied Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering isn’t just about working in a charity shop or lending a hand; it encompasses a wide range of activities that can significantly benefit both the community and your personal growth. Whether it’s assisting at local sports clubs, like the schemes offered by The FA, like the FA Youth Council and Leadership Academy, engaging in environmental projects, or supporting local arts events, there’s a role for every interest.

Open the Door to Volunteering with Startingpoint

Accessibility: With our web-based portal and a mobile app, Startingpoint ensures you have access to volunteer opportunities no matter where you are, allowing you to search and apply with ease.

Customisable Profiles: Create a detailed profile showcasing your skills, experiences, and passions. Upload media and evidence to show examples of what you can do, tagging your skills as you go, ready to approach organisations looking for volunteers just like you!

Secure Communication: Connect with organisations through our secure messaging system, which is completely safeguarded and fully encrypted. Security measures are in place to comply with GDPR and keep your data safe.

Expert Guidance: Get advice from industry experts and experienced volunteers who can provide insights into different roles and help you navigate your options.

Connect, Learn, and Grow

Whether you’re interested in sports, arts, or charity projects, Startingpoint is your pathway to making a significant impact. Startingpoint is not just about finding volunteering opportunities—it’s about creating pathways to potential careers, learning new skills, and making lasting connections, all while making yourself even more appealing to future employers. Dive into a world of opportunities where your actions can spark real change.

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