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Universities can significantly enrich their students’ journey through academia and beyond by using StartingPoint to apply for and find, sandwich year placements, graduate programs, and even post-graduate career opportunities.

StartingPoint offers a dynamic toolkit that is finely tuned for the challenges of the contemporary professional landscape, aiding students in securing coveted sandwich year placements.

A fertile ground for academic and professional growth

The holistic objective of StartingPoint extends to post-graduate prospects, streamlining the transition from academia to the workforce. This user-friendly platform seamlessly integrates into university career services, providing students with a platform to curate and present their academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Mentors play a supportive role, guiding students as they navigate the landscape of post-graduate career opportunities.

Moreover, StartingPoint serves as a valuable bridge for graduates, facilitating access to diverse graduate programs offered by leading employers who are able to post their currently opportunities on the StartingPoint platform for students to view and apply for. The platform’s intelligent matching system aligns students’ skills and aspirations with suitable programs, creating a pathway for a successful launch into the professional arena.

As universities aim to equip their students for the complexities of the job market, StartingPoint becomes the ideal tool, enhancing the university experience by facilitating sandwich-year placements and ensuring a seamless progression into post-graduate opportunities and graduate programs. This innovative platform cultivates a fertile ground for academic and professional growth, empowering students to embark on their careers with confidence and purpose.

What the experts Say

“Starting Point is a fantastic digital tool to enhance the levels of engagement students can have with employers. The platform allows employers to connect with prospective employees at a different level. It showcases all skills, attitudes and behaviours which can often make a student stand out from others.”

Liz Win – Secondary School and Further Education Senior Leader

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