Empowering athletes with more opportunities

For athletes, be it training in an academy or working in the professional field – we know that there isn’t always the time or inclination to think of a plan B for when you leave professional sport.

That’s where we come in, empowering athletes with the opportunity to evidence their experience in preparation for the next step in their careers. Whether it be working in education, commencing further study or starting an apprenticeship or trade, Startingpoint gives athletes the tools they need when they approach the next chapter of their career.

Startingpoint has been developed for the 21st century, a platform to increase the positive outcomes for both Athletes and Employers. While making life far easier for their club welfare officer and everyone involved.


Direct Access To Employers
Job Opportunities
Multi-Media Showcase Profile

Web portal and mobile app

Our web-based portal and mobile app are both secure and easy to use. Built to the highest standard to ensure your athletes have fast, reliable access to building their profile and accessing career advice and guidance while ensuring all data is kept totally safe and secure. We support the process of onboarding for athletes with dedicated support from mentors to evidence achievements and showcase skills.

Safeguarding: Putting the athlete first

Our unique messaging function means that the contact between the athlete and employer is totally safeguarded. An athlete interested in communicating with an employer must have the connection approved by the school mentor. All following communication does not need to be approved but is duplicated to the mentor. Athletes cannot message other athletes or view their profiles. This is to offer discretion to the athlete and protect them from potential online abuse.

Employers can only the anonymised profile of an athlete. All personal information is seen only by the candidate and the mentor.

Startingpoint is fully encrypted with security measures in place to comply with GDPR and keep your data safe.

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