Access Exceptional Untapped Candidates

Connecting student skills & talents to your business needs

Engage candidates who demonstrate the skills and experience your company needs. Fulfil social responsibility by engaging directly with education providers to offer work experience, apprenticeships, internships or employment to emerging talent.


Free Business Profile
Employee Development Tool
Recruitment Platform
Evidence-Based Applications
Multi-Media Candidate Profiles

Web portal and mobile app

We understand that your time is precious. Startingpoint includes a web-based portal and mobile app to ensure you have the quickest way to list opportunities and engage with potential candidates.

Provide fantastic opportunities to local young people

Advertise job opportunities and apprenticeships directly to thousands of young people, or use our filtering system to find candidates with the exact skills and talents you need for the job.

Startingpoint enables employers to view the anonymised profile of a potential candidate.  They can demonstrate and evidence the skills and experience they have for the vital roles in your business. Your business can then approach potential candidates directly through our secure mentor-approved messaging system. The candidate’s mentor will then ensure a smooth and safe interaction between the business and the candidate.


Inspire candidates through the opportunity to experience the demands of a real working environment, giving them hands-on insight into your industry. Work experience is a great way for forward-thinking employers to begin recruiting talent or finding future apprentices that keep your business evolving.

Startingpoint allows you to view the suitability of potential candidates and connects your business with schools and colleges. This ensures work experience is set up effectively and the experience is positive for both you and the candidate.

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