Showcase your talent, fulfill your potential.

The Startingpoint careers guidance platform

Turn aspirations into opportunities

Find and apply for employment opportunities, apprenticeships or work experience placements. Connect with employers to gain valuable career guidance and industry insight, inspiring the start of your career adventure. 

Web portal and mobile app

We understand that your time is precious. StartingPoint includes a web-based portal and mobile app to ensure you have the quickest way to find opportunities and engage with potential employers.

Create your perfect profile

You’re doing great, so now get in front of the right people! Build your profile to showcase your skills, experience and talents. Upload media and evidence to show examples of what you can do, tagging your skills as you go before approaching employers to show that you are the next big thing that their business needs. StartingPoint also provides employers with the ability to approach students who are searching for specific skills and experience.

Get career advice from the experts

Connect and engage with a range of industry experts offering real advice on how to get into the career that inspires you. Access resources and knowledge that will help you find the path you may need to take and the skills you need to have, and what life is really like working in the business.

Get the experience you want

Work experience is an incredible opportunity to experience the demands of a real working environment, giving you hands-on insight into your dream industry. Venturing into your career can be daunting, take advantage of the work experience opportunities out there to put your mind at ease.

StartingPoint allows you to view the suitability opportunities and allows businesses to view your best assets. The platform is set up effectively so the experience is positive for both you and the employer.

Connecting with opportunities

Our secure messaging system ensures the communication between students and employers is totally safeguarded. All connections must be approved by the school mentor. All further communication does not need to be approved, but the mentor will receive a duplicate copy.

StartingPoint is fully encrypted with security measures in place to comply with GDPR and keep your data safe.

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